Some Moments Express Soulful Narratives

I have a heartfelt passion for storytelling, using life and faith experiences as my medium. Consider me a little girl with a gentle touch, ready to soothe your soul with my heartfelt narratives. 



Haunted ep.2

It marked the inception of my journey in the realm of dreams—the first day at my coveted position in a prestigious Big 4 Consulting firm in Lagos, where I assumed the role of an Analyst.

Yet, another obstacle awaited me—the need to establish connections with my new colleagues.



Haunted ep.1

Having weathered the storms of heartbreak since my teenage years, Hassan emerged as the soothing balm, affirming the presence of God’s love and embodying it through his actions.

Raised under the determined wing of a single mother who fought valiantly to provide for me, I found myself traversing the intricate maze of life largely on my own.



The Canine Chronicles

Picture this: I arrive at my friend’s place unannounced (attempted to reach him multiple times, but he was not on his phone), assuming his dog was safely tucked away.

Little did I know, my friend was engrossed in culinary pursuits, blissfully unaware of my impending arrival.

In a split second, I was sprinting for dear life, haunted by memories of a previous canine showdown.



The Dead End ep.4

“I’m in need of some money,” Reddy suddenly disclosed.

“Well, that’s not a problem. How much are we talking about?” Sarah embodied the essence of support, extending her generosity to not just her partner but to all those in her life.

“A million naira?”

“What?” Sarah’s feet almost stumbled on the stairway within the bank’s hall.



The Dead End ep.3

One morning, as Sarah was on the cusp of offering a prayer from the sanctuary of her bed, a distinct voice resonated in her ears, its familiarity stemming from past moments of confusion and anxiety. 

However, this time it carried a commanding tone.



The Dead End ep.2

Mrs. Doxie’s countenance bore the unmistakable mark of shock.

Could she be among the individuals he referred to as “certain individuals”?

Their relationship had been amicable before his enigmatic journey.



The Dead End ep.1

Together, they embarked on an earnest quest to sharpen their minds and carve out their destinies as diligent scholars.

While Sarah’s initial circumstances weren’t graced by fortune, her dearest friend took it upon himself to ensure her academic needs were met.

With each day that dawned, their friendship delved into profound depths.

The Goers Anointing


The Goer's Anointing

I’m well aware that many of you perceive me as a person of great courage and resilience. However, let me assure you, that even the strongest individuals have their moments of vulnerability.

There are certain days when I don’t feel deserving of this calling.

What brings me immense comfort is the assurance I find in the Word of God.


Life's Update

It’s perfectly fine if you didn’t have a New Year’s resolution at the beginning of the year. To be completely honest, I didn’t have any either because I was simply exhausted from the previous year, and all I wanted was to embrace life, without any specific goals or commitments.

It had become a consistent pattern for God to interrupt my plans and establish new ones.


About Me

In 2019, I embarked on a profound personal journey, delving into the art of journaling to capture my experiences with faith, love, and self-discovery.

Through my written expressions, I aim to express thoughts and emotions that often go unspoken and to spread the love that is sometimes overlooked.

I invite you to join me on this path of self-discovery, acceptance, and embracing the beauty of life. Along this transformative path, I will also be sharing my journey of love and my relationship with God. Let’s walk this transformative road together.

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