The Dead End Ep. 4

“I need to ask you for a favor, Sarah,” Reddy’s voice carried a tinge of desperation over the phone.

“What kind of favor?”

It had been a span of two years since Reddy and Sarah had united as a couple. His unwavering faith and devotion to God shone through. His business continued to thrive, and Sarah had carved a successful path for herself. She had secured a permanent position at the microfinance bank where she had served during her National Youth Service year.

Sarah – Thriving

They had mapped out their wedding for the upcoming year, with Reddy’s parents wholeheartedly committed to financing the celebration, from the ceremony to the honeymoon.

“I’m in need of some money,” Reddy suddenly disclosed.

“Well, that’s not a problem. How much are we talking about?” Sarah embodied the essence of support, extending her generosity to not just her partner but to all those in her life.

“A million naira?”

“What?” Sarah’s feet almost stumbled on the stairway within the bank’s hall.
“Where on earth am I supposed to find a million naira?” she whispered to herself.

Sarah – Shocked

“Doesn’t your bank offer any exceptions for its staff?” Reddy had meticulously devised his plan.

“Really? In a microfinance bank?” She couldn’t fathom the feasibility of his request.

“I’ll reimburse you within a month,” he implored.

“Reddy!” she responded with unwavering determination. “I can spare half a million. You could approach your parents for the remaining half.”

“My love, please don’t be so disheartened,” Reddy’s tone was entreaty itself.
“My parents are currently grappling with a multitude of challenges. Our wedding is just around the corner, and I’ve yet to reimburse the five million I borrowed from my mother.”

“Five million?” Sarah’s mouth hung agape in astonishment.

Sarah – Astonished

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t I spend that much in a month?” Reddy playfully jibed.

“Which I find extravagant!” Sarah exclaimed.

She had never been at ease with his spending habits. Even though he earned handsomely, she believed that a substantial portion of his income should be invested. However, Reddy remained resolute in his belief that his business was impervious to any financial downturn. She knew he could be naive, but she had faith that their union would impart wisdom upon him.

“Sooner or later, I’ll influence him positively,” she had once mused.

Sarah – Hoping to influence Reddy’s habits

“Sarah, it’s just a minor hiccup. The foreign exchange market has been quite unfriendly,” Reddy’s persuasive tone carried its usual charm.

“Moreover, there’s been a slump in demand for goods, and my merchandise is deteriorating,” he continued.

At this point, Sarah found herself in a state of bewilderment. “Your products are deteriorating? Do you deal in perishable goods? You never told me the nature of your business.”

Sarah – Confused

“Please, just pray for me, Sarah,” Reddy’s voice took on a somber note. “If I can’t get this batch of products moving, I’ll be in a world of trouble.”

“What are you trying to say, Reddy?”

Sarah suddenly heard the approaching footsteps of her demanding boss, and she knew that a storm was about to break.

“I…” Reddy stuttered.

“We’ll discuss this later, babe. I’ll transfer the money and call you back at midnight,” she hastily concluded, hanging up and rushing to her workstation.

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