The Dead End Ep. 1

Except for that singular moment, Sarah’s heart had never danced to the rhythm of romantic love.

She had woven dreams of the exquisite joy that came with being called a Doxie, serenading melodies and pledging to sing to her beloved every single day.

Their emotions mirrored each other perfectly.

Sarah & Reddy – Mirror Emotions

Reddy, her childhood companion, harbored the same emotions whenever he laid eyes upon her.

Together, they embarked on an earnest quest to sharpen their minds and carve out their destinies as diligent scholars.

While Sarah’s initial circumstances weren’t graced by fortune, her dearest friend took it upon himself to ensure her academic needs were met.

Upon graduation, Sarah sensed a divine nudge pointing her in Reddy’s direction. She held an unwavering belief that their romantic union was in alignment with God’s plan, though the exact timing remained a mystery.

Suppressing her feelings was no longer an option, so she found her voice.

Sarah – Confused

Reddy reciprocated her emotions, yet he implored for patience, desiring to advance further in his career before taking their love to the next level.

Despite his longing to start a family with Sarah, he recognized the necessity of fortifying his financial foundation. His love for her ran too deep to stand idly by and witness her endure hardship.

His matrimonial dream was to amass riches substantial enough to forge a kingdom for his beloved.

Sarah acknowledged his earnestness and concurred, even though she held a belief in couples forging their path together.

Reddy had committed to elevating their companionship when he achieved financial stability, putting Sarah’s anxieties to rest.

With each day that dawned, their friendship delved into profound depths, a clear manifestation that they were a celestial pair destined for each other.

Sarah & Reddy – A Celestial Pair

Reddy fell into an eerie silence that stretched on for an entire month, rendering all attempts to reach him utterly fruitless.

Sarah, initially gripped by fear, began to wonder, “Has he vanished without a trace?”

Fortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Doxie, Reddy’s parents, resided just a few kilometers from Sarah’s abode. Despite her uncertainty about their presence, Sarah contemplated taking the gamble.

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4 thoughts on “The Dead End Ep. 1”

  1. It’s just the first episode and I’m already loving it.
    I love the composition and imagery (especially this).
    Biko las las turn it to ebook. Tank you ma

    The episode is giving everything ‘giveable’ ❤️

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