Haunted Ep. 2

It marked the inception of my journey in the realm of dreams—the first day at my coveted position in a prestigious Big 4 Consulting firm in Lagos, where I assumed the role of an Analyst. This wasn’t just a job; it was the realization of a lifelong aspiration.

Surviving the grueling interview stages felt like a surreal achievement. I owe this success to the support of Hassan and the valuable contacts I had cultivated through various interactions. Without their assistance, navigating those interviews would have been an insurmountable challenge.

Yet, another obstacle awaited me—the need to establish connections with my new colleagues.

In this endeavor, both Hassan and my closest friend, Favour, bore the weight of my struggles.

Oyin, Hassan, and Favour – An Unbreakable Trio

Favour, who ran a fashion store from her home, found herself obligated to spend hours on the phone with me during work hours. In these conversations, we didn’t always exchange words; rather, her presence was enough to alleviate the strange and uncomfortable sensations I was experiencing.

There were days when Favour chose to let my calls go unanswered, compensating with ice cream dates on weekends. Over time, I found it necessary to make mental adjustments.

Favour and I share a friendship that’s a blend of sweetness and a touch of bitterness. She teases me often, particularly when she needs my assistance with tasks. In our dynamic, she assumes the role of the big sister, even though I stand much taller, and she possesses a voice with a delightful, baby-pitched tone.

Oyin and Favour – The Best Girls

Favour’s irksome demeanor became the catalyst for my deliberate emergence from my shell. I consciously sought interaction, initiated conversations with colleagues, and actively participated in office-led projects.

One individual stood out in particular—Stanley. From my very first day at work, I noticed his genuine assistance and interest. He extended lunch invitations several times, a gesture I initially declined. I couldn’t deny that Stanley possessed a magnetic charm; I even playfully teased Hassan about Stanley’s apparent handsomeness.

Hassan, secure in his own right, remained unfazed, showing little concern or intimidation.

Stanley and I gradually developed a close bond, and he eventually revealed his interest in our friendship from day one in the company.

Curiosity lingered in my mind, wondering about his motives and earnestly hoping there were no romantic intentions. It was during this puzzling phase that Stanley handed me a photograph of a young woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to me, albeit younger. If I were not myself, I could easily pass for her doppelgänger.

Stanley’s Deceased Sister and Oyin – The Lookalikes

Stanley went on to share the poignant story behind the photograph, revealing that the woman pictured was his younger sister, whom he tragically lost in an accident seven years ago.

Expressing my sympathy, Stanley then proposed the idea of extending his care to me as if I were a sister. Given his close bond with his late sister and the resemblance he found in me, he saw an opportunity to honor her memory.

I agreed wholeheartedly, grateful for the prospect. As the sole child of my parents, I had often yearned for the guidance of an older sibling to navigate life’s journey.

Oyin – Enthusiastic about Stanley’s Proposal

We exchanged tales of our childhood, and I delved into the stories of my dearest friends, Favour and Hassan—two unwavering constants in my life that I couldn’t help but share with everyone.

Stanley expressed eagerness to meet Favour and Hassan, and we decided to begin with Hassan since he was a daily fixture, picking me up from work.

However, Stanley hesitated, voicing his concern, “Are you certain your partner won’t be uncomfortable meeting me?”

“Absolutely not!” I reassured him. “Hassan is the most secure man I have ever been with.”

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