The Dead End Ep. 3

Six months had slipped away, and Reddy had still not reached out to Sarah with a call or message.

Determined to get in touch, she ventured to Reddy’s family home. However, the gatekeeper informed her that his parents had not yet returned from their journeys.

After managing to scrape together enough funds for a new phone, she acquired Mrs. Doxie’s number from the gatekeeper. Mrs. Doxie, in turn, furnished Sarah with Reddy’s updated contact information and revealed that she had given him a piece of her mind for embarking on his travels without Sarah’s awareness.

Sarah’s initial conversation with Reddy felt distant and somewhat strained. He tendered an apology for his prolonged silence and vowed to put in the effort to reconnect.

They conversed throughout the week, often for hours on end. Their connection appeared as strong as ever as if their love had never waned.

Sarah & Reddy – A Strong Love Bond

The day Reddy paid Sarah a visit, she couldn’t fathom how he had amassed such wealth in less than a year. While she acknowledged the burgeoning success of the tech industry, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss.

Reddy indulged in extravagant spending, acquiring all the latest gadgets and luxuries Lagos had to offer.

Eventually, he made the move from Port Harcourt to his family’s residence in Lagos, having earned a promotion that entrusted him with overseeing the company’s branch in Lagos remotely.

Sarah’s discomfort grew as Reddy’s career shift appeared suffocating. She probed further, firmly believing he was involved in more than just his tech job.

Under persistent questioning, Reddy finally admitted his involvement in drop-shipping, asserting that he generated a significant portion of his income from his own business venture.

Reddy – Living Extravagantly

One morning, as Sarah was on the cusp of offering a prayer from the sanctuary of her bed, a distinct voice resonated in her ears, its familiarity stemming from past moments of confusion and anxiety. However, this time it carried a commanding tone.

“Let him go,” the voice instructed.

“Let who go?” Sarah inquired.

Her thoughts meandered for a prolonged moment, and suddenly, Reddy’s image flashed across her mind.

“No,” she protested.

“God had already sanctioned Reddy long ago. He couldn’t be saying this now.”

With determination, she sprang out of bed and affirmed, “His promises are steadfast, and His word is unwavering.”

Sarah – Reaffirming God’s Promises

Shortly after that, her phone chimed with an incoming SMS from Reddy.
“I’ve cherished you with a love that endures through all time,
I’ll stand by our bond without fail.
God declared it, and I hold it close.
You’re my chosen one, Sarah.
The nurturer of my dreams.
Affectionately, Reddy.”

“God surely wasn’t speaking about my Reddy,” she chuckled heartily.

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