The Dead End Ep. 2

It’s been quite some time, Sarah. How have you been?” Mrs. Doxie inquired, enfolding Sarah in a tight embrace.

After releasing her, she took a step back to inspect Sarah with a fond look before enveloping her in a warm hug. “I’ve longed to see you.”

In Mrs. Doxie’s presence, Sarah experienced a sense of belonging.

Mrs. Doxie & Sarah – Embrace

Months had elapsed since their last encounter. Mrs. Doxie’s frequent journeys to Dubai had inadvertently caused them to drift apart.

They were once inseparable, forged by circumstances as Sarah’s mother passed away when she was merely three years old, and her father, ensnared by the clutches of substance abuse, had been left in the care of a local rehabilitation center.

Reluctantly, Sarah pulled away and spoke with a subtle smile, “Mom, it’s been a month since I last received any word from Reddy.”

Mrs. Doxie’s countenance displayed a complex interplay of emotions.

I’ve attempted to call him numerous times,” Sarah went on. “Initially, it indicated that he was unavailable, but later, it stated that his line was unassigned to any user.”

Mrs. Doxie – Mixed Expression

Mrs. Doxie’s countenance bore the unmistakable mark of shock.

“Are you certain about this?” Mrs. Doxie’s face was a canvas of incredulity.

“Before he departed, he switched his phone number, expressing a desire to sever ties with certain individuals,” Mrs. Doxie stated, her face assuming its customary animated expressions during storytelling.

“Well, he didn’t specify who,” Mrs. Doxie continued, “but he assured me that he had informed you of his trip and had given you his new number. I find it quite surprising that you’re now telling me all of this.”

Sarah struggled to collect her thoughts. “Sever ties?” “Travelled?”

Yes, indeed. Reddy secured a tech position in Port Harcourt and is set to commence work in just two days,” Mrs. Doxie elaborated.

“Two days, ma?” Sarah gasped in surprise.

Sarah – Unable To Fathom

“Well… I couldn’t fathom the haste myself, but I meticulously scrutinized the offer letter and conducted research on the company. They’re absolutely legitimate.”


Mrs. Doxie beamed.

“Sarah, I’ve been in constant communication with my son for about a month, and he seems perfectly fine.” Mrs. Doxie grabbed her car keys from the television stand.

“If those people had any ill intentions, they’d have demanded a ransom by now, or worse, Reddy would have met a tragic fate.”

Sarah struggled to swallow her own saliva. She grappled with the perplexing situation of why Reddy had severed contact with her.

Could she be among the individuals he referred to as “certain individuals”?

Their relationship had been amicable before his enigmatic journey. He had never mentioned applying for a job in Port Harcourt. He consistently voiced his belief in entrepreneurship and disdained the notion of working a ‘white-collar’ job. He had always spoken about launching his own business, particularly one related to automobiles, once he accumulated enough capital.

Sarah – Contemplating

I’ll give him a ring later tonight and find out why he left you in the dark,” Mrs. Doxie assured, breaking into Sarah’s contemplation.

“Sarah, you appear rather wan,” Mrs. Doxie remarked, raising her left palm. “Have you been taking proper care of yourself?”

Sarah had never been known for her robust appetite, neither in her childhood nor as an adult. She resided with an aunt who showed little concern for her well-being.

Sarah managed a faint smile.

“I’ll be jetting off to Toronto tomorrow. I promise to fetch your cherished chocolates,” Mrs. Doxie chuckled.

“Thank you so much, Mom,” Sarah finally expressed. “This NYSC year has truly been quite the journey.”

Mrs. Doxie gently patted her back as they headed toward the garage.

Sarah & Mrs. Doxie – Embrace To Depart

“It’s been several months since I last laid eyes on Dad. Where is he?” Sarah inquired, looking up at Mrs. Doxie.

“Oh, that old man?” She responded with an irresistible burst of laughter. “He’s savoring life in Ghana. I’m not entirely certain he’s planning a swift return.”

“Ghana?” Sarah was taken aback. She should have grown accustomed to the quirks of Mr. and Mrs. Doxie over the years, but the distance between them still perplexed her. Why did they choose to remain apart from each other?

They resided in different cities when Reddy was a child, and they saw no issue with it. Reddy spent most of his time with his maternal grandmother, yet still managed to maintain a strong bond with his parents when they paid visits.

Mr. Doxie primarily resided in Ghana, while his wife globe-trotted for her job, a privilege her career could afford her.

What struck people as remarkable was that every time the couple conversed or met, it was as if they had never lived apart.

Mr. & Mrs. Doxie

“He’s tied up with a deal at Olam Limited and won’t be back until next month,” Mrs. Doxie replied as she strolled up to her 2020 KIA Rio Sedan.

Mrs. Doxie offered Sarah a ride, but she declined, stating she needed to visit an old friend in the neighborhood, just a street away from Mrs. Doxie’s residence.

They exchanged waves, and Sarah departed the premises.

She opted for a desolate route to avoid encountering Mrs. Doxie again.

Sarah on a Desolate Route

Her mind churned with tumultuous thoughts. “How could Reddy do this? I thought I meant something to him.”

Suddenly, two unfamiliar men seized her smartphone and bag, shoving her to the ground.

“Ole, Ole!” she shrieked, tears streaming down her face.

Alas, it was a desolate road.

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