Haunted Ep. 1

It’s been an exhilarating journey with the beat of my heart.

Hassan, my love, is the embodiment of tranquillity and boundless passion. In these two years of shared love, he’s taken the pen to every romantic tale my imagination could conceive.

Having weathered the storms of heartbreak since my teenage years, Hassan emerged as the soothing balm, affirming the presence of God’s love and embodying it through his actions.

Hassan – Oyin’s Comfort

In his embrace, I found a sanctuary—a secure haven untouched by the insecurities that plagued past relationships. He not only coexists harmoniously with other significant male figures in my life but does so with a maturity and respect that is truly rare.

For someone as introverted as myself, Hassan is the gentle force propelling me to explore new horizons and engage in social gatherings. He actively searches for people who share similar interests and passions as I do, orchestrating conversations that bridge our shared interests and unique niches.

He’s not just a lover; he’s a deliberate architect of affection and connection.

This may seem like the central plot of my life’s narrative, but, alas, it’s not.

The spotlight is trained on the stage of my professional journey.

Oyin – A Passionate Professional

Hi, I am Oyin, and you are on the brink of delving into the tumultuous chapters of my existence.

Raised under the determined wing of a single mother who fought valiantly to provide for me, I found myself traversing the intricate maze of life largely on my own. This solitary odyssey led me to clandestine forays into forbidden territories and seeking counsel from trusted confidantes.

In a later chapter of my life, my mother, having remarried, harbored hopes of expanding our family. Tragically, she found herself ensnared by Cervical Cancer, a cruel adversary she unknowingly battled. Neglecting the ominous signs, it took the insistence of my stepfather to compel her towards a medical examination. By then, the cancer had stealthily progressed to Stage 4, ushering in complexities that ultimately claimed her life.

Oyin during her mother’s funeral

Amidst the shadows of grief, my stepfather emerged as an unwavering pillar of support. Having experienced the passing of his second wife, and with no offspring from his previous marriage, he chose to embrace me as his own, weaving a cocoon of love in which I could find solace.

He didn’t bear the weight of a hefty financial ledger on my behalf, for I was already navigating the academic corridors of the federal university during my third year when my mother departed.

Nevertheless, he served as an exceptional source of emotional and mental support.

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7 thoughts on “Haunted Ep. 1”

  1. You are a good writer

    Look at me scrolling to see why you ended it there
    I’m looking forward for Part 2 please

  2. Oluwagbemi Solomon

    Thanks for helping us catch up from begining as for those of us that are behind. Episode 1 is making me to want to unfold all in just a sitting.

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