The Canine Chronicles

Belated Happy New Year, everyone!

Fashionably late, right? Well, I spent the first days of the new year in deep contemplation and, okay, maybe not so much strategizing as I’d like to admit. Nonetheless, amidst the reflections, a peculiar incident at a friend’s place struck a chord with me, prompting me to share the insights gained.

Let me preface this by expressing my genuine affection for my friends, including the one in question. However, there’s this additional, non-human, resident in his home that I cannot bring myself to love—the four-legged creature he affectionately calls a pet.

Yes, you guessed it right: his dog.

Meet Kaila, the adorable yet somewhat vexing canine companion.

Now, don’t get me wrong; the dog, named Kaila, is undeniably adorable. But here’s the catch – she scares the living daylights out of me.

Despite a not-so-pleasant encounter that left me embarrassed, I’ve got another tale to share.

Picture this: I arrive at my friend’s place unannounced, assuming his dog was safely tucked away (attempted to reach him multiple times, but he was not on his phone). Little did I know, my friend was engrossed in culinary pursuits, blissfully unaware of my impending arrival.

My friend showcasing his culinary skills

With the gate ajar, I venture in, reaching the front door. The assumption that the dog was secured inside proved incorrect, and my attempt to call my friend only triggered a frenzied barking and a charging canine.

In a split second, I was sprinting for my dear life, haunted by memories of a previous canine showdown on the same street. I couldn’t bear a repeat of that embarrassment.

As my friend shouted desperately for Kaila to halt, I recalled the sage advice: when pursued by a dog, stand still.

Heart pounding, I froze just before the gate, panting but determined to keep my composure.

Lo and behold, Ms. Kaila, stopped.

She circled around me, maintaining a distance, and sniffed as though attempting to detect a scent.

My friend, now by my side (Clark Kent arrived rather late, lol), successfully coaxed the dog back indoors, apologizing profusely and insisting that I shouldn’t have entered unannounced.

Ohray choosing serenity over commotion by remaining motionless.

In that surreal moment, a profound realization dawned upon me: ‘What you fear is equally afraid of you!’

This tale may exude humor and light-heartedness, yet the underlying lesson holds weight.

The challenges that intimidate you are, in reality, afraid of your potential, your achievements, and the successes that lie ahead.

As we navigate this new year, carry this wisdom with you.

To my dear friend, apologies (or perhaps not) for making you the centerpiece of my musings. After all, what are friends for? Lol

Wishing you all an exhilarating New Year filled with resilience and triumph. No room for fear, hesitation, or anything else!”

Note, no gree for “demons” this year!

16 thoughts on “The Canine Chronicles”

  1. Your storytelling ability is incredible! I love it, thank you for sharing your special talent with us.
    And we are definitely not going to gree for challenges this year, as it’d be facing us, we’d also be facing it with courage.

    1. Ooreoluwa Abiodun

      Abimbola, thank you so much. I am grateful that I get to share my thoughts with you.

      Indeed, we’re not letting challenges have a say this year❤️❤️❤️.

  2. Hmmm; I love the approach to this subject matter and the underlining food for thoughts even as I enjoyed the tales.

    I hope that we all come out of our fears and face them and see that what we think where powerful to harm us; weren’t as powerful as we thought they where.

    1. Ooreoluwa Abiodun

      Emmanuel, Thank you so much.

      I hope so too. Thank you for subscribing to my mailing list .

  3. I absolutely loved how you told this story, keeping me glued from the first paragraph to the last. Alas not all of us are fans of 4-legged-creatures.

    Well done Ohray

  4. Oluwaseyi Ekundayo

    It’s your ability to be humorous and draw out valuable lessons. Great piece my friend ❤️.

    And yes, this year we no gree for demons

  5. Yes! No room for fear this year!!w
    It’s true that what we fear is equally afraid of us, We need to overcome fear.

    I love this act of story telling…I enjoyed every paragraph.

    Welldone Oore!

    1. Ooreoluwa Abiodun

      Together, we will conquer fear! ❤️

      I’m delighted that you found it enjoyable. Thank you, Havilah.

  6. Such an engaging story with a really good lesson. Ooh… and you just may become Kahila’s besty and then go on to have 2 of her kind . Don’t say never just yet.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ooreoluwa Abiodun

      Awww, thank you so much, sir!

      Allow me to politely decline becoming Kaila’s bestie or having two of her kind Lol . I’m not at ease with dogs .

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