The Goers Anointing

The Goers Anointing

A brief and delightful message, my friends.

I’m well aware that many of you perceive me as a person of great courage and resilience. However, let me assure you, my dear ones, that even the strongest individuals have their moments of vulnerability.

Remember, it is in acknowledging and embracing our weaknesses that we find true strength.

There are certain days when I don’t feel deserving of this calling, and there are moments when I lack the strength to carry myself forward.

Sometimes, I doubt the impact of my words, and on such days, I find myself only able to utter the simple phrase, “Jesus loves you,” as I struggle to share a more elaborate message.

Nevertheless, what brings me immense comfort is the assurance I find in the Word of God and the subtle signals He graciously bestows upon me.

There have been instances when I have preached in a particular area, feeling as though the message is falling on deaf ears. However, in those moments, my gaze would unexpectedly fix upon an individual or a market seller standing at a distance, their attention fully captivated by the words being spoken. There have even been occasions when random passers-by would halt in their tracks, pausing on the road to listen intently.

These experiences serve as gentle reminders that the effectiveness of our message extends far beyond what we may perceive at first glance. It is a humbling affirmation that God’s work reaches the hearts and souls of those who need it most, even in the most unexpected ways.

Lately, God has been whispering to me, saying, “Even if you believe that your impact on the souls of adults is minimal, you are igniting a fire within the hearts of the young ones.” At first, this message didn’t fully resonate with me, until one day when I found myself preaching at a busy junction. A young girl wearing a school uniform approached me with infectious joy and utmost respect. I couldn’t recall where I had encountered her before, so I asked, “Do you know me?”

Her response took me by surprise. With a beaming smile, she replied, “Yes, I do. I saw you preach once in the market.”

Her words touched my heart deeply.

There was a young elementary school child, fully aware of the significance and beauty of sharing the word of God. At that moment, I felt immensely encouraged and inspired. This single discovery granted me the strength and determination to ‘show up’ that day, knowing that even in the lives of the young ones, the impact of our message can leave an indelible mark.

Irrespective of how you may perceive it, I want you to know that you carry the anointing of a goer.


The grace of God upon your life has the power to inspire and replicate itself in others simply by witnessing you operate within the office or sphere where God has positioned you.

This is the way impartations and activation function.

The anointing of God upon your life is transferable, and your grace can be imparted to others. It is not solely through the laying on of hands or praying for individuals, but simply by their observation of you operating within your designated role.

Love, a Goer.

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