Ooreoluwa Abiodun


Haunted Ep. 6

“What do you mean by you haven’t heard from her since she left your place?” Hassan was in turmoil. He couldn’t understand how I had left without Favour to an unknown destination. It had been two days since I disappeared. Hassan immediately began tracking my device, and luckily, the location sensor on my device was …

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Haunted Ep. 5

I hastened through Stanley’s compound gate, entering his 2-bedroom apartment. The ambiance within his apartment felt unsettling—quiet, scattered, and lonely. Stanley was nowhere to be found, and my vocal attempts to locate him by calling out his name proved futile. A sense of tension and panic enveloped me, prompting me to retrieve my phone from …

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Haunted Ep. 3

Hassan, as ever, exuded a sense of style and cleanliness. Despite the mud-splattered exterior and tires of his Nissan Altima, courtesy of the ongoing rainy season and the under-construction road to my office, the pristine appearance of his car was unmistakable from afar. Hassan parked his car a distance away from the road and came …

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Haunted Ep. 2

It marked the inception of my journey in the realm of dreams—the first day at my coveted position in a prestigious Big 4 Consulting firm in Lagos, where I assumed the role of an Analyst. This wasn’t just a job; it was the realization of a lifelong aspiration. Surviving the grueling interview stages felt like …

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Haunted Ep. 1

It’s been an exhilarating journey with the beat of my heart. Hassan, my love, is the embodiment of tranquillity and boundless passion. In these two years of shared love, he’s taken the pen to every romantic tale my imagination could conceive. Having weathered the storms of heartbreak since my teenage years, Hassan emerged as the …

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The Dead End Ep. 5

Midnight had descended, yet Reddy remained unresponsive to Sarah’s numerous calls, prompting her to eventually surrender in frustration. “I’ll head to his place in the morning,” she mumbled as she drifted off to sleep. Suddenly, a resounding crash at her living room door jolted her awake, her head seemingly vibrating in response. She glanced at …

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