Haunted Ep. 6

“What do you mean by you haven’t heard from her since she left your place?” Hassan was in turmoil. He couldn’t understand how I had left without Favour to an unknown destination.

It had been two days since I disappeared.

Hassan immediately began tracking my device, and luckily, the location sensor on my device was active.

Hassan arrives at Stanley’s apartment and sees me tied up on the ground, like a ram to be slaughtered.

Partially conscious, I hear Hassan’s footsteps in the kitchen and start to plead.

“Please, Stanley, don’t kill me. Don’t hurt me.”

Oyin – Bound on the floor in Stanley’s Kitchen

“It’s me, Hassan,” Hassan says as he rushes towards me.

Almost approaching me, Stanley hits Hassan from behind.

Hassan is initially thrown off balance and then, regaining his stability, realizes that he has entered into a fierce battle with Stanley. The stakes are high – it’s either he loses, and we both face dire consequences, or Stanley succumbs.

In the midst of the intense fight between Stanley and Hassan, Stanley draws out a knife and stabs Hassan in the abdomen.

Falling to the ground, Hassan yelps in pain as he bleeds freely. The realization that Hassan was going to bear the brunt first for my regrettable actions dawned on me.

Stanley plunges a knife into Hassan’s abdomen

The depth of his love signified he was willing to sacrifice his life in the quest to locate me and rescue my soul from the clutches of a deceitful entity named Stanley, and this realization left my heart in anguish.

Stanley chuckled deeply as he advanced towards me.

“Your loving savior is gone, so now, you’re all mine.”

Raising a knife to my throat, Stanley let out a loud scream and collapsed onto my face.

He had sustained multiple stab wounds from Hassan.

Frantically attempting to move his lifeless body away, I signaled to Hassan.

The motionless figure of Stanley

“Please, don’t die. Please,” I couldn’t suppress my trembling voice and screams.

Skillfully, I managed to reach the knife Stanley held, and with determination, I freed myself from the bindings and ropes.

Hurrying to Hassan, I pleaded, “Let me help you. You will make it,” tears streaming down my face uncontrollably.

“Leave. Leave now! I hear footsteps. Leave, Oyin. Take the kitchen door and leave,” Hassan whispered with the little strength he had left.

The idea of leaving without him was unbearable.

Hassan – Bleeding heavily

“I can’t leave you all alone here to die.”

“I have saved you to help others,” Hassan spoke with diminishing breaths.

“If we both die here, Favour will be completely heartbroken, and your stepfather will languish in pain forever. You might not know, but your existence gives them the light they need to survive each day,” Hassan sounded convincing.



I stood composed, fighting back tears, and my longing to see Hassan walk out with me.

Oyin – Struggling to hold back tears

Just then, the footsteps in the living room drew closer towards the kitchen. Sensing that Stanley’s mum might have returned, Hassan shouted with the last breath in him.

“Run, Oyin, and never look back!”

I found myself suddenly alert, opening the kitchen door, and racing as if I were competing for a multi-million-dollar trophy.

“Oyin!” My supervisor slammed my desk.

I jolted as if struck by a sudden thunderclap.

“Daydreaming during office hours?”

I abruptly became aware that I had immersed myself in my thoughts and succumbed to my overthinking.

Oyin – Snaps back to reality from her thoughts

My self-sabotaging negative trait had consumed the entirety of my Friday afternoon.

Hi, I am Oyin, and I tend to over-analyze people’s characters and behaviors, often suspecting potential harm in new friendships.

It’s Friday, and Stanley is meeting Hassan for the first time today.

Hold on, Favour did undergo an appendix surgery last week.

I think this is it!

I hope my apprehensions prove to be unfounded.



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