The Dead End Ep. 5

Midnight had descended, yet Reddy remained unresponsive to Sarah’s numerous calls, prompting her to eventually surrender in frustration.

“I’ll head to his place in the morning,” she mumbled as she drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, a resounding crash at her living room door jolted her awake, her head seemingly vibrating in response. She glanced at her phone and realized that Mrs. Doxie had made a staggering 24 calls.

Sarah – Overwhelmed

“What?” she exclaimed. “Who in the world calls someone 24 times?” her voice lowered to a whisper.

The banging on her door persisted, compelling her to wrestle her way out of bed.

“I’m coming!” she shouted, accompanied by a roll of her eyes. “It seems the landlady has returned with her grievances.”

She ventured into the living room, her grievances pouring forth. “Is there no chance for a tranquil Saturday morning anymore?”

Accidentally colliding her pinky toe with the dining table, she let out a yelp of pain while her gaze careened to the wall clock.

Sarah – Letting out a yelp of pain

“Wait… What? Is it 6 pm already?” Her eyes expanded in astonishment.

She chuckled to herself. “I must have dozed away my entire day. It’s Saturday, after all.”

As she swung open the door, Mrs. Doxie unleashed a piercing scream.

“Sarah, where have you been?” Mrs. Doxie’s voice trembled, her tears flowing freely. She crumpled to the ground, wailing inconsolably, while Sarah stood there in utter bewilderment.

“Mom, what’s happening?” Sarah bent over to comfort Mrs. Doxie.

“Reddy is gon…e…” Mrs. Doxie’s words broke into a scream.

Mrs. Doxie – In Agony

Sarah couldn’t grasp it. “We talked just yesterday. He needed money. He…”

“He was involved in organ harvesting!”

Sarah recoiled, feeling like the ground had shifted beneath her feet. Everything unfolded at a dizzying pace.

“Organ… har…vesting?” She stuttered.

At this point, Mrs. Doxie was in no condition to maintain her composure.

“It’s everywhere! I caught the first flight to Lagos.”

Sarah sank into her couch, her strength suddenly drained. “Organ harvesting? Everywhere?”

Sarah – Weak

She hurried to her room to retrieve her phone and began scrolling as if on a quest for answers, and eventually, she stumbled upon the revelation that left her utterly flabbergasted.

“What in the world…?” Sarah’s eyes grew wide.

Sarah’s Eyes Widen

Reddy had faltered in supplying his monthly quota to his Sudanese buyers, as most of the human organs he provided were either defective or insufficient.

His overseas associates returned to their original supplier, Segun, who had previously been Reddy’s business partner in Port Harcourt before deciding to venture independently in Lagos.

No, Reddy had never dabbled in the tech industry.

Segun harbored a deep-seated enmity toward Reddy and hatched a scheme to illicitly export Reddy’s bodily organs. However, Segun was apprehended by the Doxie family’s gatekeeper, who discreetly summoned the police before he could abscond with Reddy’s organs.



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  1. Nooooooo this story can’t end like this
    Reddy can not go like that
    Even if he does, there should be more
    This story is too sweet to just finish like that

  2. Hmmm, very healthy content with so much to glean from. I’m recommending this to my friends. But why will you leave us hanging like this?

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